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MegaTone Telecom is a global provider of advanced voice and data communication services into deregulated, rapid growth and emerging markets offering domestic and international carriers and service providers superior quality and performance through own direct network interconnects.

We deliver advanced services via a sophisticated and reliable global network, fusing cutting edge VoIP and TDM technologies throughout North and South America, Asia, Middle East, and Europe, offering worldwide connectivity to meet current and future market demand.

MegaTone Telecom specializes in making complex global solutions simple, managing all foreign relationships, technologies, infrastructures and support systems...

Founded in 2005, MegaTone Telecom is a carrier providing a wide array of value added products and services for the telecommunications industry, including domestic and international voice traffic products and calling card services.

MegaTone Telecom brings a wide scope of knowledge, experience, and a global presence to their services, aimed at VoIP providers, voice carriers, cable companies and calling card operators, who require unparalleled toll quality and customer service tailored to meet their distinct needs.
MegaTone Telecom provides the following services:
  • VoIP
  • Long Distance
  • Local
  • Internet
  • Data
As a communications and voice technology provider, MegaTone Telecom offers partners the opportunity to capitalize on a wide range of VoIP telephony solutions.

Taking advantage of our various synergy opportunities will allow you to deliver high-quality and low-cost calling services to individuals and businesses worldwide. ... it is estimated that VoIP revenues will reach $19.9 billion in 2009.

Half of small to medium-sized companies will use VoIP by 2009, according to a new study by Info-Tech Research

The number of worldwide residential and SOHO VoIP subscribers will grow to nearly 172 million in 2010