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Services Founded in 2005, MegaTone Telecom is a carrier providing a wide array of value added products and services for the telecommunications industry, including domestic and international voice traffic products and calling card services.

MegaTone Telecom brings a wide scope of knowledge, experience, and a global presence to their services, aimed at VoIP providers, voice carriers, cable companies and calling card operators, who require unparalleled toll quality and customer service tailored to meet their distinct needs.

MegaTone Telecom provides the following services:

  • VoIP
  • Long Distance
  • Local
  • Internet
  • Data

MegaTone Telecom offers premium voice/data termination services and value added solutions into specialty countries and regions throughout the world.

Immediate interconnect is available via VoIP, while dedicated TDM circuits are available through our strategically located facilities in the carrier hotel on 60 Hudson Street in New York.

Wholesale voice termination.

Product focused towards wholesale carriers and retail originators who direct high volumes of traffic and require additional capacity for voice termination for circumstances where traditional methods of termination cannot provide the required capacity. MegaTone Telecom can receive and terminate large volumes of traffic by means of any of the 160 worldwide carrier interconnects.

Emergent providers looking to fully utilize their network can rely on MegaTone Telecom to direct high volumes of traffic to better utilize the excess capacities on their network. MegaTone Telecom has the capability to aggregate and route.

As a carrier's carrier, MegaTone Telecom is ideally positioned as a strategic partner for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), emergent licensed and unlicensed operators looking to enter the voice market. Growing regional ISPs can leverage their existing IP infrastructure as well as their established relationship with incumbent PTT to offer wholesale voice services.

Using our technical and business development expertise, MegaTone Telecom is uniquely positioned to assist in deploying large scale voice services without incurring expensive research and development costs. We stay on the cutting edge, so you don't have to.

Premium A-Z termination

VoIP service providers, traditional carriers, mobile operators and calling card operators are faced with an increasing volume of international calls while lacking the network infrastructure to support this growth and provide cost-effective and high quality termination services. MegaTone Telecom provides a solution with PremiumSelect, the leading retail-quality termination service for international calls.

PremiumSelect provides a full A-Z termination service to over 500 international destinations. The routing methodology for the PremiumSelect product emphasizes quality and stability, thereby delivering a greater traffic volume than traditional wholesale products.

PremiumSelect routes are vigorously managed and monitored allowing for the MegaTone Telecom network operations center (NOC) to foresee potential issues and instantly attend to trouble tickets to maintain the highest level of performance and quality.

Additionally, MegaTone Telecom employs its own direct interconnections as well as those of Tier 1 providers for support, overflow traffic, and for destinations not directly available from our network. Our commitment to the most competitive quality, stability, and pricing makes us the right choice for providers looking for a tactical advantage for routing their retail voice traffic. Providers can take advantage of the lower cost VoIP infrastructure and the same premium quality routing service we use for our own retail traffic.