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MegaTone Telecom is a global provider of advanced voice and data communication services into deregulated, rapid growth and emerging markets offering domestic and international carriers and service providers superior quality and performance through own direct network interconnects.

We deliver advanced services via a sophisticated and reliable global network, fusing cutting edge VoIP and TDM technologies throughout North and South America, Asia, Middle East, and Europe, offering worldwide connectivity to meet current and future market demand.

MegaTone Telecom bridges the gap between countries, people, and technology to break through the complex boundaries of the telecommunications arena. By working with top Tier carriers and utilizing cutting edge technology solutions, MegaTone Telecom brings dependable and efficient services to telecommunications providers worldwide.

MegaTone Telecom is a full service telecommunications company that offers a wide range of products to help maximize Wholesale and Agent opportunities. At MegaTone Telecom, we provide products and services from large enterprise to smaller business.